10 Personality Traits That Work Together

One of the greatest, life-impacting discoveries we can make…

…happens when we are courageous enough to dig deep and explore who we are, what makes us tick, what makes “you, you”. It’s a journey that few are prepared to take for fear of finding something unpleasant or unpalatable, something that causes us distress or anxiety. Something that brings back distant memories of a difficult past, or issues that we have faced that we would rather not remember. And yet, for those bold enough to make the journey, it can have a profound and positive impact on the way we live our lives today. Our willingness to take the journey is an indicator of our emotional maturity.

One question I often ask people is this: “What makes your heart beat faster?”

Or, putting it another way, “What floats your boat?” It’s a great question to explore on a journey of self-discovery because we begin with a positive. In a hedonistic culture, the answer to that question might be quite superficial. The answer I am looking for is much deeper than that. What are the things that you enjoy doing that give life to you? Great works of art, literature, music, sport, drama, dance, flower arranging, walking the dog, gardening, painting, pottery, sculpture. As human beings we are designed with the potential to be creative, to express our humanity for our sustenance and pleasure and to connect with others in creative communion. I explore this in more depth in my video coaching course Coaching For Life. See my Coaching For Life Course here

The journey into self-discovery will involve an exploration of the following:

One and two: Extrovert or introvert?

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? There is no right answer because there are up and down sides to both approaches to life. And often you can be an extrovert in public and an introvert in private. There is something quite attractive about meeting a shy person…and something quite unattractive about meeting an over-confident person.

Three and four: Micro-manager or visionary?

It will become clear on your journey into self-discovery, whether you are a micro-manager or a visionary. Of course, on any team, you need both in order to be successful in life. The community aspect of how these concepts operate is fascinating. We are made for community and in whatever context you find yourself in, whether business or pleasure, the interaction between micro-manager and visionary has an application.

Five and six: Creative or analytical?

Again, these concepts work hand-in-hand together. Some of us have an emphasis on being creative, artistic, visual. Others feel more comfortable being analytical, measured and organised. It’s interesting how there is so much mutuality in the concepts we are discussing here, which can be of huge benefit for people in a relationship or community context.

Seven and eight: Social or individual?

Do you enjoy socialising with friends or are you content with your own company? Some people thrive in isolation. Put them on a desert island with a few necessities of life, and they will be content. For other people, the thought of being alone is a frightening concept, something to avoid at all costs. For most people, socialising is something to be valued but being content in your own company has a value too. Time to dwell in the present moment, to meditate, to practice mindfulness – essential ingredients to get the most out of life. Some people struggle with being alone because of the personal demons that surround them and are more likely to come to the surface during times of isolation. However, it is important to look inside ourselves and face our demons. If this is getting a little too close for comfort, it may be you need to find appropriate counselling support.

Nine and ten: “What if?” or “Why not?”

Our attitude to the challenges we all face in life can lead us in two different directions, the safe option or the hazardous option. Again you will find that you have a baseline in one or other of these concepts but both have their place. The problem comes when we lean too far in one direction at the detriment of the other. Having an enquiring mind is essential but not exclusive because this can lead to a dead-end-street, going nowhere. A sense of adventure should accompany all we do in life if we are to be stretched and reach our full potential.

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