10 Steps To A Pioneering Mindset

Life is a series of complex challenges that we all face at times and we can approach these with varying degrees of success or failure.

Those of us with a more bullish attitude to life might decide to tackle problems head-on, like a wrestler colliding with an opponent in a body-check manoeuvre. I don’t think that approach is always very helpful because the outcome can cause hurt for all parties involved. There are various kinds of challenges we face including complicated relationships, issues of work-life balance, money worries, health issues, misplaced priorities and confusion about our vision for life and end-game goals.

I suppose there is something to be said about tackling challenges head-on, like our wrestler analogy earlier. But I prefer the Judo tactics approach, by using the weight of the problem coming at you, to turn it around to your advantage. Or to put it another way, to turn the setback into a springboard. If you want to take a closer look at how your life can be transformed by tried and tested strategies and tips, check out my motivational life coaching course. See my Coaching For Life Course here

This is where having a pioneering mindset comes into play.

I have travelled in Canada a number of times, and have always been impressed by the pioneering mindset that still seems to be evident in the way people live their lives. The benefits are obvious, but it takes a little time to understand and inwardly absorb these principles of life that can transform any situation from a negative into a positive.

1. Always see the glass half full.

This is a popular, throw-away catchphrase, and a bit of a cliche, but the truth in this principle can transform a life from the mundane into something meaningful and impacting. Surround yourself with positive people and unpack the possibilities in every circumstance of life.

2. Be prepared to step over the edge without a parachute!

OK! This seems a little extreme to say the least! I’m not suggesting anything suicidal. But the plain truth is, most of us live inside boxes which have become our comfort zones. We dare not venture outside of that which we know and feel secure with. That’s no way to live! There is so much out there but discovering our world demands that we explore beyond the horizon of what we know.

3. Always see beyond the horizon of your limitations.

By nature, human beings are built for survival. It’s a natural instinct. The problem is that our culture is plagued by self-doubt and a lack of self-worth. So often, we don’t think we can, or we are content to watch other people stretching their limitations on social media! Time to step into the shoes of the pioneers and go beyond.

4. When failure comes, never, never, never give up!

It’s a fact of life. We all face failure at times. The trick, however, is how you deal with it when it comes. Failure can have a surprisingly positive outcome because this is often how we learn life lessons that will form healthy foundations for our lives going forward. If you always achieve 10 out of 10, you lose the incentive to work hard to go further.

5. Learn from the past, but don’t let the past dictate your future performance

It’s inevitable that we carry past memories with us. However, when they become heavy weights that hold us back, we have a problem. Learning to lay aside past hurts and failures is critical if we are to achieve a quality of life that goes beyond the ordinary.

6. Choose who you journey with.

Get the right people around you for mutual support. Choose your companions and colleagues carefully. That’s not to say you will ignore those who are needy and may have different priorities to you, it it does mean that you will not be drained by them. You will fulfil supportive roles with others in need, but you will gain your inspiration, strength and encouragements from those who understand you.

7. Don’t wait until every angle is covered.

That will never happen. One of my websites is called, “Why Not – Good Question.” I have a standing joke with my wife that I am going to get the words, “Why Not” tattooed on the back of my bald head! Not sure I will ever go that far, but having this attitude to life will take you a long way.

8. Imagine the future as a present reality.

Start living the dream! Pioneers travel constantly into unknown territory because they want to live life to the full. This concept could be psycho-babble. I don’t mean it to be! You have to live in the present moment without being afraid and dreaming big dreams and having huge visions for the future. There is a sense in which believing it, starts you on a journey of determination and courage beyond what you might generally undertake.

9. Turn your setbacks into springboards!

This is definitely a characteristic of a pioneer. Never give up! When all seems lost, keep moving forward, you will always find a way. This is where Judo tactics are useful. Take the velocity of the problem coming at you to make the drop!

10. Don’t measure success by the volume of the applause, but by how much you changed the world.

Pioneers may be self-starters and trendsetters, but they will always have the interests of others at heart. There is something very satisfying about making a positive difference in a needy world. Pioneers are often the best placed to do this, because they have the right mindset to make a difference, even again the odds.

If you want to take a closer look at how your life can be transformed by tried and tested strategies and tips, check out my motivational life coaching course. See my Coaching For Life Course here

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