Fighting Back

Reviewed by Alan & Angeline Chesters

The notes from Soapbox Music describe this album as “a statement of intent to take on the powers of darkness in a lost and fallen world, born out of Steve’s work through Soapbox Expeditions which specialises in taking people of all ages to make a difference in some of the poorest areas of the world.” A great strength of this album. Steve’s ninth, is his collaboration with the newly formed Warrior, a blend of four experienced musicians and four female backing vocalists.

Steve is an innovative and thoughtful songwriter and arranger whose themes bring home the message with a freshness and infectiousness in each song. The 56 mins begin with two in-your-face celebration and praise tracks, then the title track has a similar structure to Heartbeat’s “Voice To The Nation” from 11 years ago. exhorting action: “How long will we turn a blind eye in this land?” Two dance tracks. “Planet Holly wood” and “Totally Disconnected” follow, without missing out on strong lyrical content.

On “Friendly With The Russians” there’s a simplicity in the point. “Love is the key that will set you free/To be all that you’re meant to be.” As a pop album with varied Style, this is outstanding. Among the things I like is the contribution of the four backing vocalists. The strength of their harmony shows particularly in the chorus of the simplest song on the album, “All I Want Is You” and in the reprise of the final song.

“Warrior Of Love”, which continues, “Fighting for your heart/Challenging resistance, giving a new start/Causing walls to crumble, giants start lo fall/Fear Flies out in terror al the Warrior’s call.” If the hand can produce something like this sound al live concerts, they’ll be well worth seeing.

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