Rock Music: An Informed View

Reviewed by Tony Cummings

This useful little booklet has been out for ages but missed the Cross Rhythms dragnet. Its concise apologetic against the ‘rock music is from Satan’ brigade within the church and as such is particularly useful as a work to be circulated around local fellowships particularly those that have been bombarded with the misinformation/unbiblical teaching of books like Basilea Schlink’s ‘Rock Music – Where From? Where To’ or John Blanchard’s ‘Pop Goes The Gospel’.

In a few brief pages it puts rock music in its proper cultural perspective, examines what the Bible says or does not say, and throws down a pretty radical manifesto for future church involvement in rock music. We could have done with a few paragraphs about the musical origins of much of the big beat of jazz, blues and rock being in Afro American church experience. But this is a small quibble.

This is an excellent contribution to the rock debate with the potential to do some damage against the walls of cultural prejudice that still surround parts of the church.

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